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Rose is passionate about the beautiful practice of yoga. She enjoyed her very first yoga class at the age of 16 whilst at boarding school in Brisbane and now it has become her lifestyle and absolute love – offering her a healthy mind and body, an open heart and a free spirit. Rose completed her teacher training with Being Yoga on the Sunshine Coast and endorses the Being Yoga Vision –  “vibrant health, abundant happiness, and awakened freedom”.

Rose, her partner Steve and their two dogs Hugo and Archie, recently made the move from their home in Montville to live on a Biodynamic Farm on the New England Plateau, at Tenterfield NSW, where they grow Organic Garlic. Rose is teaching a few small classes in Tenterfield and enjoying a repose from her busy life of teaching and running regular retreats from her Montville home and studio, as well as throughout Queensland and overseas. . She is originally a country girl, spending some of her childhood in the remote Northern Territory and Central Queensland. So now, she is once again living in the country, enjoying the four seasons a temperate climate offers, getting her bare feet firmly planted in the fertile organic soil, her hands dirty, and being nourished with the benefits of connection a close community offers.  She is a mother of four beautiful children and a grandmother to Banjo, Ruby, Tex, Angus and Arlo.

Rose and Steve have plans in the near future to run retreats from their sustainable organic farm where people will not only enjoy the beautiful practice of yoga and meditation, but also cooking, art, music, writing, and floral workshops. There will be bush walking in the tranquility of the country and visits to the local national parks. All meals will be cooked by Rose with the produce fresh from the farm. There will be house, cottage and camping accommodation available.

Rose’s main focus as a yoga teacher has been to introduce and teach the countless benefits of yoga to as many people as possible, and especially those who live in more isolated locations, where it is difficult, if not impossible, to find access to a yoga class, she is passionate about integrating yoga into our western lifestyles and believes yoga will suit anybody who wants to give it a try. Yoga can adapt to your body, there are many different ways to practice yoga. For Rose, yoga is a continual journey and she believes it can bring enormous happiness to those who practice regularly. She says you don’t have to be good at yoga to do yoga; you just have to come along, a steady consistent practice is the key to opening up your mind, body and heart.

Rose has created a beautifully presented hardcover book. This is a personal story about discovering the essence of yoga, becoming a yoga teacher and hosting retreats in Australia and overseas. Rose Hawkins shares her journey from a 1960’s country childhood where the kitchen was the main room in the homestead, to the joy of raising and feeding her own family, to becoming a yoga teacher and cooking organic live food for her retreats. It was the constant demands on retreats for her recipes that inspired her to write this book.

Rose teaches a beautiful vinyasa flow yoga, sometimes coupling it with gentle yin or slow release yoga. Vinyasa practice flows in such a way that it soothes your mind through the rhythmic movement of the body and breath. Postures are linked in a way that promotes ultimate balance; stillness and deep relaxation follow movement, fostering a deeper contact with the interior layers of the mind and heart. Classes will leave you feeling refreshed and energized with a sense of joyous peace.. She also loves to offer people the healing benefits of a restorative yoga practice regularly. Rose continues to broaden and deepen her love of teaching by attending as many workshops, teacher trainings and master classes as possible and has completed a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy.

Rose’s passion for the 5000 year old practice of  yoga has connected her with many beautiful students and she feels honoured to have become a part of their lives. She believes that as teachers of yoga, ‘we are only the links that unite our students with yoga, YOGA does the rest!’

Om Shanti Om!!

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“Breath is central to Yoga because it is central to life……and Yoga is Life.”
T. Krishnamachaya.