Montville Yoga Retreat 14th – 16th March

My very first Yoga Retreat at Montville for 2014  is from 3pm Friday 14th March to 3pm Sunday 16th March.

With the aftermath of the festive season and the business of the new year we can sometimes find ourselves beginning to lack a little energy by early March. So it is a great moment for taking some time out for yourself to prevent becoming fatigued so early in the year. Take a positive and preventative step towards health and harmony in your life and come along to this weekend retreat where you will be able to enjoy early morning meditations,  twice daily yoga classes, yummy healthy food, some good company, all in a most relaxing and peaceful environment.

The weekend costs $300 per person for a shared room or $400 per person for a private room. Massage will be available at an extra cost.

Below is a little bit about what to expect from a yoga retreat and a basic schedule for the weekend.

What to expect from a yoga retreat.

Yoga Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to retreat from your normal life activities, they offer you time to relinquish our human obsession with time, our need to do, our need to control, and our need to judge. The weekend is time out for you. It’s a time to simply relax, restore, rejuvenate, rest, and release, it’s a time to surrender.
Those of you who have done yoga before will know the glowing feeling of elation we often experience after just one class a week or even just the occasional class, so you can imagine how you are going to feel after a weekend filled with yoga.
We will be doing some basic yogic breathing techniques;  meditation and relaxation; yoga nidra or yogic sleep; and yoga postures or asanas.
There is also a lot of free time, which is important for you to practice, letting go and surrendering.
Most of all though, the retreat is a time to simply be; to enjoy the beautiful environment, to enjoy the nutritious food, to enjoy the yoga, to breath deeply, to open your heart to the joys of being and let your soul be soothed.
Schedule – everything is optional of course and things often change as the weekend flows!
3pm – arrive & settle in
4-5:30pm – yoga class
6:30pm –  dinner
8:30 – relaxation
9pm –  bed
Sunrise Meditation
7:00 – breakfast
8 – 10am  –  Free time
10-12 noon – yoga class
12:30 – lunch
Free time
3:30-5:30  – yoga class
6:30 – dinner
8:30 – relaxation
9pm – bed
Sunrise Meditation
7am – breakfast
9:30- 11:30am – yoga class
12 noon – lunch
2pm – moving meditation
3pm – end of retreat
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