Changes to the class timetable during the cooler months & prospective dates for my upcoming yoga retreats at Montville & Byfield…….

Class Timetables –

During these cooler months of the year I have decided to cancel my night classes and resume when it is more conducive to leave the cosiness of our homes and venture out for a yoga class. Of course if you are interested in attending a night class please feel free to contact me and discuss possible times etc, I am always open to suggestions, having a studio in my home makes it possible to be more spontaneous! I still have a 10am Tuesday & Wednesday class and a Wednesday early morning 5:45am.

New Class –

I am starting a NEW CLASS in PALMWOODS at the CWA Hall on TUESDAY NIGHTS at 5:30 – 7pm!

Retreats –

I am planning my Montville Yoga Retreats for the weekends of the 14th – 15th September,  12th – 13th October and the 16th – 17th November.

My Byfield Retreats will be 28, 29, 30th August (during the week)  and 6th – 8th Sept (weekend).

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these retreats.


Rose x





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